Project Proposal




+Zoe Rountree

+Julio Blandon Jr.

+Andis Lozano

+William De la Cruz


Through exploring the underground art scene and speaking to Oaklands' artist's, we will show the beauty that is hidden, in what is believed to be a dangerous place.


Intended Audience:

The people we are working towards reaching out to, are people that don’t know much about Oakland. With this film we will show the struggle that goes into becoming an amazing place. It would also be made to show younger generations that Oakland is a safe place for creativity and to inspire them to undermine the stereotype attatched to growing up in such a place.


Objective of the Film:

The film should inspire you to explore your Bay area neighborhood, and tell the world that even in the worst of places great things can blossum. The film should tell you exactly why people love Oakland and its amazing riches.