Rough Cut and Final Critique

After showing our Rough cut of our film we had some critiques. The overall feel was good and everyone agreed it was going in a good direction but need to accentuate the values and the art of Oakland. Also we were also suggested to add an establishing shot of where Oakland is in relation to the whole world. Also because we had introduced the team in the begging it was advised to also include us all in the ending as well. 

For our final critique we feel that people generally really liked it and at first it was hard for people to give us opinions on what needed to be fixed. Chris. a classmate of ours commented on how he felt that we really did good on showing the beauty and talent that is in Oakland. The audio definitely needs some more work as far as levels and intensity goes. This time we did include some more shots of the group as a conclusion and, thanks to William, our title sequence was complimented. We are eager to make our final adjustments because we are so close to having something we are very proud and excited to share. 

Introduction Brainstorms

Some ideas our group had thought about starting the movie with, are pretty different and will set different moods for our film. One of our ideas is starting the film in a state of danger and showing images and videos of crime on the local news. Including cop car sounds, helicopters, gun shots; the cliche things you would think that you would here in Oakland. As the movie progresses we go out of that feeling and show the audience a more beautiful side of Oakland, the side that we are practically glorifying. The purpose is to get the stereotypes out of the way early, especially since it what people first think of Oakland as.

Another beginng, o r time line, we are considering, involves more of a story telling aspect. Following the interviewers with more of the classic, slow informational beginning that trails into a climax. Which will contrast the beauty  and art side that we are depicting. So with crime, dangerous neighborhoods, scary stories, we will show the problems that people face while trying to live and prosper here. 

Updated Interview Questions

After interviewing Jetpack Jones the first time, we had realized, we needed questions with more opportunities to tell stories.  These are the set of interview questions that we used for the interviews of Jetpack Jones, Justinthe50s and Wiggy Torres, all artist's residing in the Bay Area.


x What makes The Bay (Oakland) dope?

x Tell a story of when you first felt a connection to The Bay.

x Explain Oakland (The Bay) to me as if I've never been there before.

x Finish the sentence… WARNING: Don't go to Oakland if…

x What advice would you give to the youth of Oakland?

x Is there a favorite memory of being in the The Bay (Oakland)

Core Concept

The Core Concept: Through exploring the underground art scene and speaking to Oakland's artist's, we will show the beauty that is hideen, in what is believed to be a dangerous place.


*The Narrative Spine: The spine of our story is the people’s struggles and backgrounds that they come from. Maybe the music can help carry the stories together, such as a spine.


*Main Characters: Between stories from Jetpack and Tone or words from the team we want multiple voices to speak for the cause of what makes Oakland awesome.


*Conflict: The own personal troubles of the people we are talking to will demonstrate the conflicts that are involved with the topic. The environment and the matter of safety in Oakland can show the problems that people through living in Oakland.


*Change to Unfold: With the conflicts in mind, artists are able to take those troubles and rise above them with their art. Expressing art is what people use to escape their problems and negative surroundings.


*Inciting Incident: As the story progresses our interviewers and the film itself will show more of the dangerous side and the sad truth of Oakland but in the end people will see past it and know that Oakland possess amazing art.


*Troubles foreseen: The hard part we can see being trouble is balancing negative and positive incidents that happen in Oakland. Not showing too much of the bad so it doesn't seem like a film about the bad side of Oakland.



Interview with Jetpack Jones

I had the oppurtonity to interview a cool man named Jetpack Jones. He is a multi-talented artist, originally from southern California but generally prefers the Bay Area. I asked him to come to my house to do a short interview about his perception on of Oaklands Underground art scene. He was very open to the idea, especially because I wasn’t looking to interview him for something negative and he enjoys talking about deep subject matter. Below are some questions that I plan to formulate my interview around:


  1. What is your name and what is your way of expressing yourself?

  2. Where are you from and Where do you currently reside?

  3. How long have you lived in the Bay Area and what do you think it is that keeps you here or makes you come back?

  4. How easy do you think it is to network as an artist in the bay area & do you think that particularly influences what you create?

  5. The art scene is flourishing in Oakland, why do you think it is so easy to do those things in Oakland?

  6. Why do you create? Is it for yourself, for others, for money?                         


After I had interviewed Jetpack, I had realized that what I am trying to discuss, isn't something that is easily translated to words. It something that you don’t really think to fabricate and more so something that is felt. We had agreed that Oakland is a place that seems otherworldly and timeless. It is an opened armed community always looking forward to it’s next art collaboration.                        

Words for Oakland

Too often, the East Bay been hidden in the shadows of` San Francisco. Oakland, full of great talent, coming in all shapes and sizes, is a place surely like no other. To get a better idea of the creative spirit that Oakland obtains, I have talked to different artists with specific interests to further dive deeper into the ocean of culture. The “Oakland Artists”, ones who have been raised and heavily influenced by their environment have graced with the access to this realm. But what about the people who've traveled the distance to be in this Mecca of Art and Soul? Some say there's something in water but it's simply just the people it attracts