Rough Cut and Final Critique

After showing our Rough cut of our film we had some critiques. The overall feel was good and everyone agreed it was going in a good direction but need to accentuate the values and the art of Oakland. Also we were also suggested to add an establishing shot of where Oakland is in relation to the whole world. Also because we had introduced the team in the begging it was advised to also include us all in the ending as well. 

For our final critique we feel that people generally really liked it and at first it was hard for people to give us opinions on what needed to be fixed. Chris. a classmate of ours commented on how he felt that we really did good on showing the beauty and talent that is in Oakland. The audio definitely needs some more work as far as levels and intensity goes. This time we did include some more shots of the group as a conclusion and, thanks to William, our title sequence was complimented. We are eager to make our final adjustments because we are so close to having something we are very proud and excited to share.