Introduction Brainstorms

Some ideas our group had thought about starting the movie with, are pretty different and will set different moods for our film. One of our ideas is starting the film in a state of danger and showing images and videos of crime on the local news. Including cop car sounds, helicopters, gun shots; the cliche things you would think that you would here in Oakland. As the movie progresses we go out of that feeling and show the audience a more beautiful side of Oakland, the side that we are practically glorifying. The purpose is to get the stereotypes out of the way early, especially since it what people first think of Oakland as.

Another beginng, o r time line, we are considering, involves more of a story telling aspect. Following the interviewers with more of the classic, slow informational beginning that trails into a climax. Which will contrast the beauty  and art side that we are depicting. So with crime, dangerous neighborhoods, scary stories, we will show the problems that people face while trying to live and prosper here.