Core Concept

The Core Concept: Through exploring the underground art scene and speaking to Oakland's artist's, we will show the beauty that is hideen, in what is believed to be a dangerous place.


*The Narrative Spine: The spine of our story is the people’s struggles and backgrounds that they come from. Maybe the music can help carry the stories together, such as a spine.


*Main Characters: Between stories from Jetpack and Tone or words from the team we want multiple voices to speak for the cause of what makes Oakland awesome.


*Conflict: The own personal troubles of the people we are talking to will demonstrate the conflicts that are involved with the topic. The environment and the matter of safety in Oakland can show the problems that people through living in Oakland.


*Change to Unfold: With the conflicts in mind, artists are able to take those troubles and rise above them with their art. Expressing art is what people use to escape their problems and negative surroundings.


*Inciting Incident: As the story progresses our interviewers and the film itself will show more of the dangerous side and the sad truth of Oakland but in the end people will see past it and know that Oakland possess amazing art.


*Troubles foreseen: The hard part we can see being trouble is balancing negative and positive incidents that happen in Oakland. Not showing too much of the bad so it doesn't seem like a film about the bad side of Oakland.