Interview with Jetpack Jones

I had the oppurtonity to interview a cool man named Jetpack Jones. He is a multi-talented artist, originally from southern California but generally prefers the Bay Area. I asked him to come to my house to do a short interview about his perception on of Oaklands Underground art scene. He was very open to the idea, especially because I wasn’t looking to interview him for something negative and he enjoys talking about deep subject matter. Below are some questions that I plan to formulate my interview around:


  1. What is your name and what is your way of expressing yourself?

  2. Where are you from and Where do you currently reside?

  3. How long have you lived in the Bay Area and what do you think it is that keeps you here or makes you come back?

  4. How easy do you think it is to network as an artist in the bay area & do you think that particularly influences what you create?

  5. The art scene is flourishing in Oakland, why do you think it is so easy to do those things in Oakland?

  6. Why do you create? Is it for yourself, for others, for money?                         


After I had interviewed Jetpack, I had realized that what I am trying to discuss, isn't something that is easily translated to words. It something that you don’t really think to fabricate and more so something that is felt. We had agreed that Oakland is a place that seems otherworldly and timeless. It is an opened armed community always looking forward to it’s next art collaboration.