Bottoms Up Garden- OakHella


After recently moving to West Oakland and I have noticed a huge community garden population. Almost every block in the West has an empty lot and it's a great thing to see them being used as a space for the neighborhood to get together. A lot of the gardens are ran by locals and all veggies and fruits are given mostly back to the community. 


Bottoms Up Community Garden is one of the gardens that seems to be always full of people. I have walked by multiple times and noticed that everyone is always smiling with a cup of coffee in their hand. 


Recently they have been doing a day party event called OakHella, a cleverly name sounding like  Cochella  but it was a more of a down to earth version you could say. With a mic and a small intimate stage, the combination of the music and nature really demonstrated the beauty that can be created so effortlessly. On top of the music there were large wood canvases hung for artists to paint freely.