It’s Trailer Time

We’ve been working our happy little asses off to do justice to such a dense subject manner. Here are the trailers enjoy!



Pre-production has commenced

Pre-production has begun for the documentary mainly focused on Pollo Del Mar’s journey to the Queen of All Media. We will be shooting this Sunday, November 20,2011 at the Cafe for Pollo’s show the Glamazone! It is going to be a very exciting evening and the group is looking to being production.

Check back for more updates.

Final Presentation

Here it is, in all it’s glory.

The disaster that is my blog has come to life in something I hope you can all enjoy!


Daily Princetonian Article

I found this interesting yet very realistic concept of drag from the Daily Princetonian. I enjoyed the article and believe that maybe this blunt and too the point piece can bring into perspective what Drag is.

GlamaZone Sundays

In my opinion, the hottest drag show in all of the bay area. MCed by the wonderful fabulous queen of Media Pollo Del Mar. You need to check this out. I will be attending this Sunday if I don’t get scuffled up by SFPD again.

Mother Camp

Eliot, LMW instructor, has been constantly referencing Mother Camp: Female Impersonators in America by Ester Newton for weeks. I finally received my copy today after waiting on a friend to give it to me for weeks. I’m excited to whip through it this weekend and give a full analysis of it on my history page. So far the book is amazing and so insightful. I can’t wait to update.


Drag Show Appearence Update

So I wanted to let everyone know the following drag shows, I will be hitting up in the next two weeks. Due to the inability of attending The GlamaZone on Sunday due to SFPD getting in my way. I can tell you though, tomorrow night is going to be off the hook with two shows in order. The Edge and Lookout are both hosting shows and I will be attending both with friends.


In my attempt to attend the GlamaZone hosted by the wonderful Pollo Del Mar at the Cafe last night, I was detained by SFPD for being in the wrong place at the wrong time. I believe the tactics that were used by SFPD violate civil liberties and were uncalled for. I heard the vacate notice and made way to my car enroute to my car to make the show on time, I was grabbed by a police officer thrown against the sidewalk and detained until 4 A.M. this morning for no rhyme nor reason. I was not charged with anything but bound and parked on a sidewalk. This is the reason why I could not attend the GlamaZone and cannot express my sincere apologizes to all those I promised interviews and getting to interact with. I believe in the Occupy movement and now will make it more of a point to protest more.



Name Dropping with Pollo Del Mar!

Pollo is a dear friend of one of my friends, and has been so supportive and helpful with this blog. Pollo does a Youtube series called Name Dropping with Pollo Del Mar. She is the queen of all media and quite possibly the most notable drag queen in the Bay Area. Name Dropping is all the know for the community in the Bay Area for week. Follow Pollo on Twitter @TheNotoriousPDM  and like her on facebook!