Project Proposal

Core Concept

The teachings of Grand Master Ernesto Amador Presas in Kombatan and the stories and tales from his students.   


I can interview his students and the second generation as well. Places would be the dojo where we train, their homes and maybe even my place.


The story will be about the odd tales to the crazy training done by Grand Master Ernesto Amador Presas. Then an out look on how his teachings have influenced the masters and gurus now. How he has influence the Modern Kombatan to what it is now.


Guru Carlos G. Acosta, Grand Master Alex France Sr., Mike Guingona and maybe more. Different generations of the clan if I can get a hold of them.


I will film at their homes, where they live out of the dojo. Then the places where they train, where they practice. I will go see if the old train ground are still around.


At the start, will be the past, the ideals and vision of Grand Master Ernesto Amador Presas, the hopes he had about the art in the future. The second part is going to be about how has the traditional style of Kombatan has changed to the Modern Kombatan now. How the old ways would not attract student as they did before.


My audience are the people who wants to learn about Grand Master Ernesto Amador Presas and see the art evolve into what it is now.


I would interview Grand Master's student first, see how they used to train, how they climb the ladder to what they have become now after training with Grand Master. Then the student from the past student to Gurus/Masters now, and compare the teaching from now to the traditional ways Grand master used to train his pupils. I will be the interviewer/punching bag in the videos.


To honor Grand Master and to see a martial arts that is not well know to many people. Shedding light on Komabatan and give it a modern look.