Kombatan is one of many Filipino martial arts systems. The found of the system is our Grand Master Ernesto Amador Presas, the current head of the system now is Ernesto Presas Jr. The style is known for the double stick technique; however we also perform other techniques involving blades, single stick and empty hand.

            Grand Master started training at the age of eight with his father, Jose Presas, who was a well – known escrima practitioner at the time. Then in his college years, he studied various arts of other martial arts such as judo, jujutsu, karate, other forms of Filipino and Japanese weaponry. He became Lakan Sampu (10th degree Black Belt) in arnis and Mano Mano (hand-to-hand combat) and Lakan Walo (8th degree Black Belt) in Philippine Weaponry.IPMAF