Project Proposal


Forging Ahead


Curious Fox Productions; Will Brodsly, Madison McCully, Oscar San Miguel, Mary Bueno

Intended Audience

Our intended audience is for those interested in The Crucible and it’s role in making Oakland a better place, and those interested in the arts and their role in education and society.

Objective of Film

We would like our audience to gain a general knowledge of The Crucible. We want to show them what the teachers of The Crucible do for the community and their personal projects that they may be doing at the time. We want to peak the interests of our audience in order for them to possibly visit The Crucible and expand their newly found knowledge of blacksmithing.


As of right now, we will decide later on what kind of music we would like to add in. An idea that we have is of course using royalty free music.



The story begins at The Crucible, a school in West Oakland that specializes in fire arts such as blacksmithing, ceramics, glass blowing and other works such as leatherwork and woodworking. We will focus mainly on on the teachers and the students at The Crucible about what they do there and why they do it. A potential angle we can take is to look at how The Crucible influences youth, the importance of art in education, and the unfortunate trend of funding for art being reduced in schools across the country.

We enter the Crucible and are met with sounds of clanking, whirring, chatter, and the crackle of flame. While there we can learn about the Crucible’s history from its staff, interviewing those who have been there since the beginning. Along with them we can witness the creation of iron artwork, glassblowing, and all sorts of different crafts being produced by the many students attending the classes provided at the Crucible. We ask the students what they like about their time here, their favorite craft and their favorite thing about the Crucible. We ask teachers their opinion on The Crucible and it’s role in Oakland’s community, and how they believe it influences youth. We ask the students simple questions for a variety of soundbites and comments. Stills of different scenes and students working can be seen with text describing the many issues surrounding art in education. Comments from staff, and voiceover


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