What’s the narrative spine of your piece?

The narrative spine would be our interviewees explaining the nature and influence of the Crucible.

What are your main characters? What are your plans for getting footage besides boring talking head shots?

The main characters we have are the two instructors, one in charge of the blacksmith and the other in charge of the Youth students. We plan to get all sorts of footage of blacksmithing and the artwork developed at the Crucible by instructors and students.

How is conflict driving your story?

The conflict would be seeing how the teachers’s passion for their craft tries to get through to their students.

What kind of change do you wish to unfold within your piece?

What we would like to see is how the Crucible was created, then going through a class and then seeing the possible crafts that the students created when the class concludes.

What’s the inciting incident and point of entry in your story?

Our inciting incident would be the formation of the crucible, how it was created and what it’s become since then.

What issues do you foresee making your piece visually strong?

An issue we worry about is being in the way of the class or the teachers as they are melding hot iron and fire together to create their pieces. It could be a bit hazardous to attain certain shots with lots of power tools in use.

Core Concept

Our film is about the Crucible, an industrial arts school in Oakland that offers classes on blacksmithing, glassblowing, woodworking, and other hands on crafts. We want to showcase the impact these classes have on the youth in Oakland, when they could be going off and getting into trouble with violent gangs.

Interview Questions

(If you guys can think of a good question feel free to add on)


Can you tell us about the Crucible’s history?

How long have you been working at the Crucible?

Why did you decide to become a ___________?

What do you like most about the Crucible?

What are some of your fond memories you have of classes you have taught?

How do you think the Crucible influences the community?

What is your favorite activity here at the Crucible?

What would you say is your greatest creation?

How do you feel about how the arts are often disregarded in education?

How do you feel about the lack of funding for art and music programs?







First Day Presentation

We are Curious Fox Productions, bringing you our film about the Crucible in Oakland, Forging Ahead.

If possible, we’d like to take a class and have them teach us how to forge things. If not, we could fall back on being a fly on the wall using cinema verite of one of the existing classes in order to show just how the Crucible works. We could also follow Carla or Chris, the two instructors, as they work on a personal project.

We’re definitely going to show the forging process, the smithy and all of the tools they use in their craft. We want to show the classes and how the instructors teach their students how to work safely around such dangerous equipment.

Photoshop Collages

These are the pictures made in Photoshop for one of the lab assignments in LMW1.


Project Proposal

Core Concept

My plan is to document an instructor at The Crucible art school. I hope to learn about why they started working there, how they teach, and they’re experiences at the school.


I need to pick a specific  instructor who is available, but I hope to follow one of their Blacksmiths or Arc Welders.


The Crucible is located on 1260 7th Street Oakland, California. I have taken many classes there and love its unique feel and the creativity it inspires. Beyond that, it is a community driven institution, offering free classes to local youth, teaching art and academic classes, and holding fund raisers.


The project is, ideally, about one specific teacher, art they make, and their impact on their students.


My project will be about current events, with a brief mention on The Crucible’s history.


The target audience is the others in my LMW class, as well as artists and those interested in in “industrial art.”


I will be a narrator as well as someone who has personal experience with the school.


The Crucible is an amazing wonderland of creativity; an inferno of imagination and a melting pot of inspiration and community. In my experience, The Crucible is not as well known as it deserves, as most people I talk to about it have never heard of the school. I want to help spread the word and and hopefully persuade more people to get involved with The Crucible.


Until I find an instructor to follow, I am unsure how the story will progress. However, I know it will show not only their experiences at the school, but the prepossesses they use to create art from flame.


• Who are you? Will Brodsly
• What brings you to Ex’pression College? I am looking for a future.
• What drives you creatively? My girlfriend.
• What would you like to be doing ten years from now? Supporting my family with the skills learned at this school.
• What are your biggest influences? Game of Thrones, Bleach, RWBY, League of Legends.
• What do you create? I am a character creator.