About the Project

Core Concept

I am documenting  an instructor at The Crucible art school, Carla Hall. I am showing why she started working at the Crucible, how the instructors teach, and discus her experiences at the school.


Carla Hall teaches welding and blacksmithing at the Crucible and has over 15 years of experience.


The Crucible is located on 1260 7th Street Oakland, California. I have taken many classes there and love its unique feel and the creativity it inspires. Beyond that, it is a community driven institution, offering free classes to local youth, teaching art and academic classes, and holding fund raisers.


The project is, ideally, about Carla Hall), the art she makes, and her impact on herstudents.


My project is about current events, with a brief mention on The Crucible’s history.


The others in my LMW class are my target audience, as well as artists and those interested in in “industrial art.”


I am a narrator as well as someone who has personal experience with the school.


The Crucible is an amazing wonderland of creativity; an inferno of imagination and a melting pot of inspiration and community. In my experience, The Crucible is not as well known as it deserves, as most people I talk to about it have never heard of the school. I want to help spread the word and and hopefully persuade more people to get involved with The Crucible.


The story is of how Carla Hall found the Crucible and became a teacher, as well as her experiences at the school.

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