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My name is Will Brodsly, an Animation and Visual Effects student at Ex’pression college. Born and raised in Oakland California, I’ve been an artist as long as I can remember. My creativity is my curse, always flooding my mind with more and more ideas. I write and draw to preserve my creations  and allow them to evolve and improve. My influences are mostly Anime, games, and books I’ve read, though my biggest inspiration is my girlfriend for over five years: a dedicated artist who has helped me grow immensely.

As I said, I’ve been drawing all my life, but that is really just a byproduct of my passion: Character creation. I love thinking up back stories, goals, and identities and to keep them from drifting away in my memories, I learned to draw or write about them.Curious-Fox

This is my logo, made in Adobe Illustrator. I’m quite happy with it and think it captures me quite well.





My name is Madison McCully, and I’m an Animation and Visual Effects student at Ex’pression College in Emeryville.

Ten years from now, I’d absolutely love to have moved to Austin, Texas and be working full time as an animator for Rooster Teeth Productions, a little company famous for its pioneering foray into machinima and online video, and more recently, raising over two million dollars through crowdfunding to produce their new movie, Lazer Team.

So many things have influenced me, but in particular, the Rooster Teeth animation team, formerly led by the legendary Monty Oum, and the Dreamworks films How to Train Your Dragon and How to Train Your Dragon 2.

Right now, I’m mostly an artist, but I dabble in writing and storytelling collaboratively with a friend of mine. I just adore character design and development, and the main reason I wanted to get into animation in the first place was to bring those characters to life.





I am Oscar San Miguel, a student of Ex’pression College located in Emeryville California. After being born in Berkeley and raised in Oakland I have spent much of my education fascinated with art, animation in particular.

I grew up with animation from Pixar, Cartoon Network, Warner Bros, and Japan, along with the variety of animation in video games and the special effects seen in film. The level of creativity on display intrigues me to no end, not to mention the unprecedented amount of content available through the internet.

I look to use my education as a means to learn the skills necessary to give my ideas shape and form. What form they might end up taking is up for internal debate, but becoming involved with the process of animation is my goal, while creating my own characters and universe is my ambition.

My favorite medium is pen/ink, but currently I am working to make better use of digital art through photoshop.





Hello there, my name is Mary Bueno, I often go by the alias Mearii Go Round, and I am an Animation and Visual Effects(AVE) student who loves nothing more than trying to create original characters for my stories. If there’s one thing, other than the beautiful art that other artists create, that inspires me to come up with my characters, it’s video games.

If AVE wasn’t an option for me, then for sure Game Art and Design(GAD) would be my go to program. Video games, in a sense, have become part of my social life ever since my friends and I graduated high school. Now that I’m pretty much separated from my original crew, I spend a lot of time playing online games to connect back with them.

Along with video games, creating different kinds of crafts is another hobby of mine. Hopefully when we visit the Crucible I’d be able to learn a thing or two about blacksmithing.



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