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whaT iF?… A blogspot where we commonly ask ourselves the question, “what if…” Instead of the “what if”… GET UP and MAKE IT HAPPEN!… The Hip Hop industry has had a heavy impact on a diverse range of communities and has affected certain individuals differently. Some use music as a means of escape from reality so they can drown their  problems at the moment; while others live, breathe and encompass their entire life around music making, producing and dedicated time in the studio. Such influential icons such as Run DMC, NWA, TuPac and so many others that paved the way for social acceptance for rap. Coming from an Indian background where music was heavily influenced within the household, the Hip Hop industry has given me a basis for integrating both my cultures music with the modern day fad. In the industry today, we have been presented with numerous amount of Desi Hip Hop artists, such as Mandeep Sethi, Humble the Poet, Hoodini, Johnny Fresh, Pree Mayall, Young Fateh, Saint Soldier, Push Kahlon, Baagi Music and so many more that have shown us if your persistence, patience and diligent in your work, success isn’t too far of a reach.

These individuals have showcased their talents in music, lyrics, beat making, producing, creativity and most importantly, imagination. Although these artists all vary with their style, lyricism and “flow”, they all can continue to work as professionals and friends. My main focus and audience would be those who are interested in expanding their knowledge about their home country and the true struggles of living in an unfortunate situation; all while listening to both an incredible beat and intense lyrics. The trials and tribulations that these individuals have to endure on a day-to-day basis, sometimes not even having the normal necessities to survive, live!  I would like to unfold, in detail, the articulate life of a artist that is involved with the Desi community and how his or her career can flourish because of the amount of publicity that can be gained through “knowing someone!” Having a background in music and the nightlife entertainment business within the Desi community, I have actually had the opportunity to meet some of these individuals, while still looking for the right moment to have the pleasure of meeting those I have not. I would like to, in a sense, start off by displaying a montage of all the artist work, depicting my main goal for this cause. Then, week by week, make a blog by breaking down the artist and their time-line in the music industry in more detail. By adding visuals, audio tracks, narration, video clips, and interview footage. What I would like to showcase is the fact that most of these artists and their lyrics, depict real time problems that their culture is experiencing. I actually am of a different culture, but am very knowledgeable about what they are saying. This example is the first example I’d like to use, the most clean and precise of them all. This is one of the artist I would love to interview and learn how he become and envisioned his career!.  His name is Saint Solder, and by far has caught some serious attention from the Punjabi community in throwing the message in the viewers face as blunt as possible, so that change is possible!

With change comes adjusting. Some people deal with changes differently than others, and some take things in a completely different direction than intended. I actually thought I was going to come across problems with the name of the blog relative to the artists I will be portraying. I felt that some of the artists may have an issue with the blog being named with Indian and associating themselves with it. Some people are really passionate about their religious background, even though we are still all apart of the same country, India! What doesn’t seem to make sense to me, is to discriminate against different religions that neighbor each other. Dont get me wrong, just like sex sells, controversy makes music. In the real world, in the amateur world and in any world, there will always be competition between forces which ideally cause this mainstream media. I took that conflict and turned it into something positive, to maybe show others that no matter what I’m faced with, I will still continue to do what I love! =)

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