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Mixman Shawn:

Mixman Shawn started his musical journey back in India. As a child he was exposed to the captivating sounds of Indian music, primarily through his uncle, a respected Punjabi vocalist. Mixman often accompanied his uncle to shows, where he soaked up the energetic buzz of the live performances. Although Mix did not realize it at the time, his early exposure to the music scene would someday lead him to becoming a respected music producer.

Young Fateh:

Young Fateh was born in Bangkok, Thailand and migrated into the states at a young age. He lived int he Bay Area (Hayward) until his move to Canada. You know, people always talk about how you shouldn’t judge books by their covers and that we shouldn’t form first impressions too quickly. This is exactly the case with Fateh. With all of the rumors and nasty shit that goes around nowadays, you shouldn’t judge him by what you’ve heard, because its probably untrue. It’s sad how people allow their jealousy and petty differences to push them to the point of fabrication. I’d like to give you my conception of Fateh, as I know him. Fateh is an incredibly passionate and dedicated individual. He loves music- rap and bhangra in particular- and is being proactive about his passion for music. His rapping is sometimes misconstrued as an attempt to be cool and fit in- that isn’t the case at all. Fateh’s rapping is his chosen avenue of expression- his personal way of expressing himself. We all have ways of expressing ourselves: some write poetry or journals, some dance or play sports, some draw or paint. I fail to see why rapping is considered subsidiary, inadequate, or subject to so much criticism when it’s really just another avenue of expression for his passion. But, rapping aside, Fateh is an exceptional dholi and is also proficient at tabla and harmonium. Bhangra is also something that Fateh excels at. He is an amazingly talented dancer and a great role model for the young dancers. Part of what makes Fateh such an intriguing individual is how he has utterly embraced his culture and religion.

Pree Mayall:

Born in Yuba City and raised in Sacramento, Pree started his music career young. Age the age of 7 he joined the local school band and began his journey into the musical world. Learning how to play the flute, sax, clarinet,trumpet, and the drums; Pree ventured into Indian Music. Being of Indian decent, Pree always had a curiosity for his cultures music. In 2001 he went to India and brought back a drum called the Dhol. The dhol, being popular among songs such as “Beware Of The Boyz” by Punjabi MC and Jay Z, took over Pree’s hands and in 2005 he was crowned INTERNATIONAL DHOL CHAMPION OF THE WORLD. Pree was blessed with the opportunity to travel around the world showcasing his talents in major venues. Playing alongside people such as Punjabi MC, Cheb I Sabbah, Talvin Singh, and other major artists, Pree made a name for himself with the quickest hands in the World Music Industry. In 2008 Pree opened his first studio and started production for local artists such as A.R.A.B. and J Kidd. In Dec he released his first album, “Identity” as digital download only. Later he went on to start his own Television show called “Life of a Dholi.” Joining forces with many local Indian Television shows and online venues, “Life of A Dholi” recieved over 700,000 hits and continues to gain larger fan base. Now at the Age of 22, Pree looks to go mainstream with his music. “Do You Remember” is the first single and has been sung, produced and written by himself. Posted as a free download on Oct. 11th for the online community on, “Do You Remember” has done over 2,000 downloads and climbing!

Jin Chhabra:

Jin Chhabra, Andi Roxx and Jordan Austin, collectively known as Johnny Fresh, are a true international group that defies definition with an outrageous style and music that speaks to not only the ears, but the hearts and mind of today’s youth. Johnny Fresh has combined the fundamentals of mainstream Hip Hop, Pop and European Club sounds. By unifying these elements, Johnny Fresh have created an authentic sound that has been describes as “Dirty Pop”. This sound not only appeals to the younger generation across the globe, but it’s raw and aggressive energy gives it that “Dirty” and urban attitude. Johnny Fresh is a direct testament of young adults across the world today, stylish clothes, love, dancing in the club, and discovering who they are. Their enthusiasm and passion for creating an entire musical movement has translated in the infectious YouTube series Nightlife 101. The singles “Soulsonic Therapy” & “Oh Johnny” and has created a demand for more music. Soulsonic Therapy is an infectious dance song that asks the DJ “to let the music play so I can dance all my cares away.” Oh Johnny is an enthusiastic tale which will conjure up memories of Gucci Crews “Oh Sally” It’s been a while since a new pop group has made their way in the music industry the old-fashioned/grass roots way by paying dues and nonstop self promotion. No American Idol, No famous family members. Johnny Fresh is just a group working hard to develop their sound and connecting with fans. Johnny Fresh is now anxious to take advantage of all the opportunities their fast-rising career will afford them. Considering their independent, go-getter mindset, talent, and willingness to break out of the box, Johnny Fresh is indeed setting themselves up for the long run.

Mandeep Sethi:

Representing Slum Gods as well as the global Hip-Hop scene, Mandeep Sethi is a young yet seasoned emcee/activist from Los Angeles that has shown and proven his ability to rhyme and freestyle with the best. Mandeep’s primary focus is to educate the youth about the circumstances in which we are living in while resonating ancient indigenous cultures within them, revealing the gods in all of us. From rhyming to djing, music serves as the language translating beats and words into scripts and hymns. The music speaks for itself.

Saint Soldier:

Saint Soldier was born in Punjab, India in 1984, a politically tumultuous time in the country for certain ethnic and religious groups. As for many Sikh families, it was not a hospitable place to be at the time. Shortly afterwards, he and his family moved out of the country to United Arab Emirates and then to Canada to pursue better opportunities and a healthier environment. Following an enjoyable but oblivious childhood in an immigrant neighborhood in Calgary, Alberta, he moved with his family to live in British Columbia, and now resides in Coquitlam, BC. His music entails a variety of topics and has been influenced by controversial social issues that face South Asian youth of his generation, but issues that are perhaps relatable to youth from many backgrounds. The music is a rebellion against cultural and religious indoctrination of our young generation which has lead to hypocrisy and empty ritualism. As such, Saint Soldier’s music is a discussion and rebirth of old ideas in a new, more up-lifting, organic and realistic manner that young people may find they can relate to.  Although he knows that the name Saint Soldier and the content of his music may not align with main-stream views, he believes he is on the right path and if anyone may not agree, he is unaffected by this.

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