The UrbIndian Movement -|DOCUMENTARY|-

So, a terms worth of work here in a 6 minute long documentary video. Since March of 2011, my group and I have been working to put together a great story to really make this documentary pop. A lot of hard work, time and effort went into making this project happen and I thank everyone for the wonderful final piece we have. A special thanks goes out to FRIDGE MEDIA, Shane Singh Gill, for all his hard work and dedication for making this project come to life. Without his help, we would have had some serious trouble. Fridge Media is definitely making things better! =)… Again, without these artists, we would not have been able to make this documentary. The way they worked around our schedule, willing to help out with the drop of a dime, and ready to work was just more than what we could ask for. Preetam “Pree” Mayall, Shawn Cayce, aka PUSH and Ras Ceylon, without you guys, this documentary would not have been what it is today. Also, music wise, thank you Anand Parmar for letting us one film in your club and using your track and J Michael Neal and Woods Klan for the introduction music. AWESOME! =) Thank you again guys. My group members (Zachary Patterson, Patrick Hillstead and Jamie Ma) you guys all made this happen…. and here you go…




Again, a special thanks to everyone who made this possible. Links below will take you to every aspect of this film. Enjoy

Shane Singh Gill – Fridge Media

Pree Mayall – Inner Vibe along with Harsheel “specialist” Parmar

Shawn Cayce aka PUSH – HEMI Nation Records

Ras Ceylon – Giddeon Force

Music By:
“Om Shanti” – WORLD HOOD Anand Parmar
J Michael Neal and Woods Klan

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