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So….. The gentleman that you guys have the pleasure of viewing, Mixman Shawn, will give you the low down…. Watch a very breif but interesting interview with the Shawn.. Remember, more in depth interviews will follow..

So the interviewee was asked three questions: 1. Introduce yourself? 2. What or who was your biggest influence for music? 3. What kind of music comes to mind first when you think of UrbIndian blog?

Check out what Mixman had to say!.

INTERVIEW #1: [youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7JEyK6wf6sw[/youtube]


So I decided to create my own little version of what I thought UrbIndian blog represented through music. In my past, I used to work as a Dj for a group playing all types of music, so I’ve always had an interest in making music and have been trying my best. My knowledge is not as extensive in a lot of the programs to where I’d like to be, but for now I’m okay…… hahahah!….Being in the motion graphics program, you dont deal too much with audio related projects… So when presented an audio assignment, I’ll use it as an excuse to mess about. In this case, I was using Garage Band with some plugins and samples and just messed around with manupulating with the keyboard (computer keyboard). So I mean its nothing great, but Im proud of myself…. =)… Just tried to be as creative as possible with making the beat, as you can tell with the images, not many layers… But if you open up the layer, the construction of each beat in there! I never really used GarageBand before and always kind of looked down at it… Like iMovie, which I really hate!… But when I actually used it, its a simpler version of Logic really…. It was a good experience, learned something new!… But either way, this is my representation through music for UrbIndian blog.


UrbIndian Beat:
[soundcloud width=”100%” height=”81″ params=”” url=”http://api.soundcloud.com/tracks/11170118″] UrbIndian Beat by BhaveshChhiboo

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