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What’s up people….. So I have some really excited news… Making another addition to the artist list and YES, none other than Mixman Shawn. I was extatic to hear that he would love to be portrayed in the blog… Mixman Shawn started his musical journey back in India. As a child he was exposed to the captivating sounds of Indian music, primarily through his uncle, a respected Punjabi vocalist. Mixman often accompanied his uncle to shows, where he soaked up the energetic buzz of the live performances. Although Mix did not realize it at the time, his early exposure to the music scene would someday lead him to becoming a respected music producer. Having known this individual as a good friend, I’ve got to witness his magic first hand. Being able to sit besides him while he makes his music, or even behind the scenes at a music video shoot. The amount of exposure that I have been able to gain knowing Mixman Shawn has been impeccable all while learning more and more about the industry. This man has done it all, not only being so talented in the music industry, he also does his own designs. I have had the pleasure to also work with him side by side with lots of graphic related projects and learned a lot about design in aspects I never even imagined. His thirst for knowledge doesn’t just revolve around music, but expands to anything he puts his mind too. The Diamond Lane family consists of some of the most imaginative and talented individuals who range from producers, singers, instrument players and much more. The video below is one of his recent projects with a group called Vagabondage. As you can tell, there is no limits to what this guy sees in his head when he comes up with an idea. Style like no other’s, his influence on the music industry has pushed the envelope for what can really be done. MAD PROPS to my man… If you want to see more of his work, please follow the links below…..

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