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Hey Guys… Check out the latest Fridge Media production featuring Mandeep Sethi. He is one of the artist who I hope I can get to interview in the progression of his career. This song can be interpreted in so many different ways, which enables his viewers and listeners to connect to his music to a completely different level. No matter what any individual is going through, they can relate breaking those “shackles” to become free. When I listen to the song, it gives me a sense of motivation, that no matter what anyone tells me only I can make something of myself. These type of lyrics and emotional connection these artist provoke through their music is what I would like to unfold artist by artist. What makes them tick? Where do they get inspiration from? What drives them from writing verse after verse? What type of research do they technically take upon before the task of writing a song/poem? Or is there no research at all, just straight from the heart? Some people have the capability, like Jay Z, to completely organize their thoughts into lyrics in their head. Those individuals have encompassed their entire life around music so that they eat, sleep and breath music. I would like to see what gives these talented young artist the motivation to go on, regardless of positive or negative feedback. There’s always going to be haters, haters will never leave you be. Haters will only make you stronger as a person, and just teach you to build a wall against those who are in most cases, JEALOUS! I know that each and every one of these individuals has been faced with this dilemma, and each person takes it like a soldier. MORE POWER TO YOU GUYS for not releasing revenge and just taking it and swallowing your pride; because at the end of the day, your only going to better yourself as a person and an artist. I hope you guys enjoy Cagebird, it was a well thought out song and music video. BIG UP’s to FRIDGE MEDIA!…..

LINKS to both Fridge Media and Mandeep Sethi are on the homepage. Just incase your too LAZY, here they are again!

Mandeep Sethi: POOR​.​PEOPLES​.​PLANET

Fridge Media:

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