Artistic Imagery….. A Portrayal of the Artist….!

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Saint Soldier:

Young Fateh:

Images have the capability to show much more than just a visual. It can depict one’s emotions, the frame of mind, the creativity that each artist beholds and much more. I feel as if these artists really show their true personality through their creative imagery. Some are more loose and free to capture themselves in the moment, while others have pre-determined exactly how they want the final piece to look; so they will pose in a certain way, have a designated spot in their heads, and may even know what type of camera angle they want. The galleries that I have uploaded are individually segmented by artists so that there is no confusion on who is who. In my mind, I can tell the demeanor and personality in a lot of the images I have posted. Many would say that these images evoke cockiness, but I think its just confidence in the ability to do what you want to do. Images vary from photo shoots, to album covers and even just snapshots from their previous work. I wanted to capture the artist in as many different ways as I could, trying to see and capture as much emotion I could to show their passion and determination in both success and getting the message across through music.

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