in class

always in class working always moving judt trying to make something out of nothing Photo on 8-17-16 at 12.45 PM

Thats YG

image2working hard and doing shows i opened up for rapper YGi put on a memorial performance opening up for this guy and a year later he stills remember me. posing for my camera in the middle of the street 

wavy thoughts

1452139766_image_e9322d02f7210da204a045ff2ab4a649this picture explains the prosses of turning the maddness in my head into art that i speak or making a beat or eveing in the mixing. ideas are just wavy thoughts untill you act on em. so this picture is wavy thought being made 

describe me

frolastro_christhis collage is basiclly me if i had five chances to descibe myself with one word what would they be. i closed my eyes and blurted out the first thing that came to my head about me 


collageso my name is chop starting with nothing everything i have is due to progression so my name became an acronym for CANT HATE ON PROGRESSION and being on the younger side of life i had to be a beast in ways thus the gorilla comes out making my name CHOPPA GORILLLA 

chop go

so i just made this web site and it has a few links to my other web sites so check everything out leave commets and shit let me know whats good and whats bad or dont  say shit and just check my shit out….gorilla out