Titles: “Walk at Her Own Risk”


Sam Bus’sard

Jason Martinez

Dolly Totes



Are pedestrian collisions accidents or crimes? Jikaiah Stevens story about being hit by a car while walking in a crosswalk (while having the right of way) in San Francisco serves as a catalyst to exploring the holes in our legal system surrounding these types of accident.

Intended Audience:

Everybody who cares about their safety and the the safety of others.

Object of the film:

This film is to raise awareness about pedestrian collisions and how these incidents are handled in San Francisco.

Sound Track:

Thoughtful, light-hearted mezzo-piano piece.


Informative, narrative, journalistic.


Jikaiah Stevens has lived in San Francisco her whole life and now she can’t be there, as a result of this accident.



San Francisco a densely populated city of 825,863 people, shares its geographically small area with 900,000 plus vehicles.

Pedestrians in San Francisco are far more likely to be killed in traffic collisions than drivers or their passengers, this accounts for 54% of all traffic fatalities within the city. Comparatively pedestrians nationwide account for only 12% of all those killed in traffic collisions.


There are some things you don’t think about until the day it happens to you. What happened to Jikaiah could happen to any of us.


One day can alter someone’s entire existence.

The top 10 intersections for pedestrian injuries are:

1. Mission and 16th Street

2. Potrero (Poor-Trrrr-air-O) Avenue and 16thStreet

3. Jones Street and Golden Gate Avenue

4. Market and Hyde Street

5. Mission and 18th Streets

6. Noe (No-Ei) /Market/16th Streets

7. Stockton and Ellis Streets

8. Taylor Street and Golden Gate Avenue

9. Columbus Avenue and Broadway

10. Howard and 3rd St

Jikaiah’s incident occurred near one of these intersections. Her house is located just a block from the incident and the Driver’s resides within one block of her house. All the streets surrounding these blocks are one-way streets.

Adding insult to injury Jikaiah has been forced to relive the incident on a daily basis because of the proximity of the intersection to her house.

__(Nicole’s blurb about one-way streets/freeway mentality)

The severity of pedestrian injury is strongly related to the speed of the vehicle at impact.

At a pre-crash speed of 40 MPH, a pedestrian who is hit has an 85% chance of being killed, whereas at 20mph, the likelihood falls to 15%.

California vehicle code states that drivers shall yield the right of way to pedestrians crossing within any marked crosswalk or within any unmarked crosswalk at a intersections, the fines for violating this code are a nominal fee ranging from $371-$155

__(Nicole’s blurb about % of drivers who ARE cited…why? Police don’t cite because typically there are no prosecution)


Leaving the audience with these questions:

Why does there need to be a death to result in possible consequences to the driver’s actions?

Should hitting a pedestrian with your car be considered an accident or a crime?

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