Hi I am Dolly Totes (and this is my little dog Aviv) …I am here to learn about motion graphic design and 3D animation. I love simple and effect design. Beauty comes in many forms.I would like to be working in advertising in ten years as a Creative director. My biggest influences are, gmunk, my friends and my little dog. I like to work in many different media (clay, computers, plants, people, paint, metal, food).

Hello My name is Jason Martinez. I was born and raised in Sacramento, California. I received my A.A in Commercial Recording in 2012 from American River College. Music is my life. I have played drums since junior high school and have been playing guitar since I was 16; as well as, songwriting for the last two years. I have been very fascinated with studio techniques as well as the audio post production world. Im Attending Expressions college in hope to further my education and network; to hopefully get my foot in the door. Music drives me and my creativity. I feel most creative when I just turn on the radio and try to jam out to the songs playing or adding riffs I believe would of sounded good on the existing song. I have always dreamed of being a star, now I’m interested in being at pixar. Ten years from now I would love to be working on post producing audio of animation movies or games. Some of my biggest influences are my Father n Mother n Sister, Einstein, Tool, Stephen King, Steve Jobs, and Kid Cudi. Currently working and creating numerous instrumentals such as hip hop, rock, and an experimental combination of the two.

Hello my name is Sam Bus’sard, and I am a Interactive Audio student at Ex’pression College in Emeryville, CA. Music, Art, and Photography drives me creatively.   What inspires me the most creatively is the ability to bring out emotions and feelings in myself and others with a song, picture, photo, movie, or anything else that might be considered artistic and meaningful. Ten years from now I would love to be working at a creative and conscious environment. E.A, and Blizzard are but a couple places I would love to work. My passion for sound and how it works and relates to our perception of the world around us has been a driving factor in helping me realize my goals and what it will take to get there. Inspiration is all around us. Most of us are just too caught up to take the time to appreciate it.

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