31_jJikaiah sought out to file a suit against the driver however was told by multiple lawyers that she didn’t have a case because the driver didn’t have enough assets to sue for. This has left Jikaiah with the bill for an accident she didn’t cause.

Some very caring friends have rallied together to start a fund raiser for her to attempt to help her offset some of the financial burden this accident has cost her over the past month and a half. However the monetary cost keeps raising as she struggles to pay for her apartment in the city and the ongoing doctor’s visit all while being out of work for an undetermined amount of time.

The  negligent driver’s insurance will only pay 15k while her medical bills are already over 100k and will continue to climb with regular brain scans, physical therapy bills,  trips back and forth to the city, medications, physical therapy and more.  Raising her rent right away Is most important because If she looses her appartment (address in SF) she will loose her healthy SF insurance.

If you or anyone your know are touched by her story and would like to donate to the cause please see the link below:





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