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Updates from Jikaiah

Sept 27, 2013

Thank you everyone for your love, prayers and support. Yesterday when walking to work I was struck and hit by a car which made me fly about 20 feet and land on my head. For as much as I remember I was bleeding from what I learned was a small skull fracture and a blood bruise on the front of my brain. So far I am projected to spend to night here as well as maybe tomorrow . Please feel free to stop and visit I would love the positive energy as I am already so lucky I didn’t break my neck and the staff is amazing! Thank u again esp Lindsey Lutts Imaya Stevens-Remenak Gigi Gruel — at San Francisco Genral Hospital.

October 10, 2013

2 weeks ago at this time I had just been hit by a car and flown through the air. Last night I had this moment of clarity: I have kept saying I just don’t want to lose my life over and over in reference to SF (my apt, job, outings, friends etc..) then it just hit me that’s not my life. My life is the body I sit in that has blood clots in my brain and a fractured skull and a twisted back and legs and that’s the life I almost loss and am so lucky I didn’t. And if having to re learn how to do a lot and live back in Sonora for awhile to figure my life out that’s ok because I have my life

October 14, 2013

First night in my own bed in almost 3 weeks. Went to reach and put on my favorite lavender lotion that I keep on my nightstand only to remember when I put it up to my face that I have lost my since of smell since the accident. I will be visualizing and meditating on that coming back because boy do I love stoping to smell the roses. But on the plus side people say Peeps stinks and I can’t smell that.

October 16, 2013

Update after Lawyer and Dr visits today. First my heart is aching to find out from the lawyer the girl who hit me actually didn’t even get the $238 ticket she drove away w my dent in her car free and clear, second she has multiple traffic tickets in different states and had been sued in the past but most importantly their is nothing to sue her for and their unfortunately somehow is no case . The $15,000 of insurance can be taken by the hospital.

Drs update. After neck scan I have moving ligaments in my neck which is a problem so the neck cast stays on til Nov 5th when I come back for MRI’s and Cat scans and other apts. Then also again on the 22nd. And no working at all for at least 2 months.

It’s a long road that I will fight for. But this law system is beyond fucked and needs help for my fellow victims and I will be making a stand and ask u do with me. She almost killed me and doesn’t pay a dime and no ticket or citation . But I get to lose my job and maybe apt and body and am in debt. It’s not right and I want it to be public and her to know . She hasn’t once after seeing my head cracked open bleeding on the ground in front of her trying to send a anonymous card or flower or one apologizing but her Instagram shows her at the beach saying hello weekend days after and a Fiona Apple concert and dancing at Skylark. The only thing she took away was a dent on her hood from my body. I won’t be deleting this. But I will be writing any outlet that wants to hear this injustice in the system

October 25, 2013

Ok, a Honest update as my Mom suggested I do.
As my body is healing on the outside and I look normal. The effects from the accident on the inside are becoming more apparent and are becoming a daily struggle. Specifically things associated with the brain injury. I hadn’t wanted to post this on here for a couple reasons. One people don’t like to hear negative, poor me posts and two I haven’t wanted admit and to say out loud publicly these things are happening.
One of my biggest struggles that scares me is the use of my hands. As I type they are shaking and almost dropping the phone. Sometimes they are fine and sometimes they have a delay response from what my brain is telling them to do. I drop things, things don’t land where my mind intended to put them and sometimes I can’t make the food get to my mouth. It’s incredibly embarrassing and emotional for me. And yesterday I went with my Mom to get her haircut and the stylist handed me the shears to test how it felt as I cut a little bit on my Moms hair… My hands shook and didn’t flow the way I know they should. I have done hair for 11 years and normally they just move automatically and rhythmically.
This was very difficult for me to experience. I don’t know how long I will be like this or if I can do hair again.
Secondly is my memory.. And I think this is important to convey because I know I prob have forgot to respond to texts, calls, emails etc. it just is one second I’m going to do something or say something then it’s like it never happened. I leave doors open, started things everywhere.
Third thing is I have a hard time making decisions or computing long conversations sometimes. In the middle of someone speaking I can be abrupt and need someone to get to the point. I don’t want to offend anyone my brain just runs slower sometimes and can’t keep up.
Believe me I am and will be doing all the brain exercises I can. And sometimes I seem mostly fine other than body pain (which I’m getting help w 3 times a week w a Nero chiropractor up here).
Lastly is emotionally I am still dealing w what happened, with what didn’t happen to the person who hit me and financial struggles as well as where am I in life, what do I do now stuff.
My greatest gift has been the love from friends and family. Please do call, text, visit hang out. And my camera. Somehow when that’s in my hand my head clears.
I will continue to post positive and optimistic posts from here on out because that’s who I am and where I want to be.
Much love