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Interview with Jikaiah

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An interview with Jikaiah about surviving and recovering being hit by a car as a pedestrian while crossing a cross walk.

Working Narrative


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Narrative about a tragic pedestrian accident in San Francisco and the questions the aftermath it raised when it was learned that the driver was not ticketed or held responsible in anyway for the accident she caused.


San Francisco, the walker’s city.

It’s made up of at least 15 neighborhoods, with stores, restaurants and businesses¬† within easy walking distance from the majority of residences.

This story is about two girls. Both in their 30s. Middle-class. Artist. Living pay check to pay check. Living in San Francisco.

On September 26th 2013 Jikaiah Steven was hit by Wren Coe’s car as she ran a red light.
Wren’s car sent Jikaiah’s body flying 20 feet from the impact onto her head.

Jilkaiah was sent to the hospital for 11days where she struggled to regain her physical life back. After being released home she left the hospital with a nasty injury to her head and numerous other bodily aches and pains. Not to mention over 100k$ in bills owed to the hospital, the inability to work for the next 3 months and pay rent and on going doctor’s visits and medication which she still has to find the money to pay for.

Wren went home that day with the dent of jikaiah’s body on her car and nothing else. No traffic situation. Why was she not held responsible for this accident she was the sole caused of?

Approximately 435,000 vehicles drive into or
through San Francisco on an average workday. About 35,000 of these are present in the city at noon. Another 469,000 vehicles are registered in San Francisco. That totals over 900,000 vehicles in a geographically small city.

As it turns out. Pedestrian and bicycle accidents are prevalent in san francisco. pedestrians in San Francisco were far more likely to be killed in traffic collisions than drivers or their passengers,accounting for 54% of all traffic fatalities.

Out of all the information Ive found on this topic the only literature Ive found that remotely touched on how to handle the aftermath of an accident if you are the injured pedestrian or cyclist is this: In many instances, if you are hit by a car as a pedestrian, your own auto insurance may cover you.

But what if you don’t drive at all and therefore don’t carry auto insurance?

Jikaiah sought out to file a suit against the driver however was told by multiple lawyers that she didn’t have a case because the driver didn’t have enough assets to sue for. This has left Jikaiah with the bill for an accident she didn’t cause. How is this fair? Why doesn’t our city want to protect the citizen who don’t drive?

Why should she have to walk at her own risk?