Questions for Jikaiah Interview:


1.) Are most people shocked by your story?

What is their typical reaction?


2.) What do you think is going to happen next?

What do you want to happen?


3.)What kind of hardships are you facing?


4.) What do you know about Wren Coe? How do you know this? How do you feel about how close she lives to your apartment?


5.) What kind of policies do you think the city could write to help people with these types of situations?


6.) Can you revisit and tell us what you remember from the day of the incident?


7.) How has your recovery been coming along?


To Nicole Personally:


1.) What were your motivations to join walkSF?


2.) Can you give us an example of a story that she has heard or been a part of similar to jikaiahs situation : and what was the outcome?


3.) What is WalkSf ‘s role in making SF street safer? What is the organizations mission/ long term goal? What steps are being taken to making problem intersections safer?


4) What are some of the outlets that the donation benefits go toward?

General Legal Questions


1.) Why was the driver not ticketed for violating to yield to a pedestrian? Why is the victim held accountable for the cost of an injury caused by a reckless driver?


-What are the current law enforcement policies in place that aim to protect pedestrians?

-What is the current county code concerning a pedestrian accident?

-Why are accidents like these just swept under the rug with no follow up investigation?

-With all these street cameras around (that normally ticket people who run red lights) why isn’t that footage also being used to help investigate pedestrian accidents?


2.) What can we do to organize support for those people who are already casualties of this type of accident?


-The city and media has drawn a lot of attention to efforts towards making the streets safer for cyclists and pedestrians but I have seen little to no coverage on supports for people who are already victims of these kinds of accidents. Why is this?


3.) Why is there such a huge discrepancy between how a pedestrian death and a pedestrian casualty are handled from a legal standpoint?


4.)What are the contributing factors, such as inefficient city planning, that creates problem intersections? What is the process and who is involved in making these sort of safety changes? Are there any “road blocks”?

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