Meet Jikaiah Stevens:

j_lastOn September 26th 2013 Jikaiah Steven was hit by Wren Coe’s car as she ran a red light. Wren’s car sent Jikaiah’s body flying 20 feet from the impact onto her head.

Jilkaiah was sent to the hospital for 11days where she struggled to regain her physical life back. After being released home she left the hospital with a nasty injury to her head and numerous other bodily aches and pains. Not to mention over 100k$ in bills owed to the hospital, the inability to work for the next 3 months and pay rent and on going doctor’s visits and medication which she still has to find the money to pay for.

Wren went home that day with the dent of jikaiah’s body on her car and nothing else. No traffic situation. Why was she not held responsible for this accident she was the sole caused of?


Media is our strongest asset in situations like these. Where the experiences and voices of the people get lost amongst inadequate legislative actions and  bureaucratic paper work. THE FACT THAT Drivers are not held responsible for injuring pedestrians and cyclist is a flaw in the system that we need to speak out against.

It is an enormous injustice to the citizens of our community to just let the injured victims of these types of accidents bare the sole burden of somebody else’s mistake. Accident or not there are very real, costly, life changing consequences to their poor driving judgements that the City of San Francisco is turning a blind eye and deaf ear to. Don’t let them get away with it.

Join me and let’s speak out again this injustice together through the strongest voice we have, through our media.

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