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The Approach

A film by Little dog productions

This film is about… the holes that exist in the city’s system regarding pedestrian injury compensation told through the story of Jikiaha Stevens, a pedestrian hit by a car at a crosswalk, her life forever changed by the incident.

1.) Interview with Jikaiah 2.) Information about how the city operates when it comes to pedestrian accidents 3.) the facts of the story 4.) Opposing view (interview with the police/officials)

Jikaiah’s story will act as the narrative spine of the story….with extra voiceover narration as needed. Supporting info that will help tell the story will be interviews with leaders of the organization Walk SF, b-roll of news clips about pedestrian accidents, possible man on the street interviews. We will also seek interviews with the police and city officials.

Shooting techniques:
Time-lapse, conventional interview, gorilla style interview (Michael Moore), journalistic/narrative/point of view