About Veganized

I’ve been an omnivore my entire life, but I’m no stranger to veganism. Not only do I have plenty of vegan friends, but I’m surrounded by an abundance of vegan-friendly restaurants here in the San Francisco Bay Area. With a little help from my friends and some documentaries, veganism has begun to interest me more and more, for several reasons. I’ve contemplated going vegan in the past, but I never mustered up the courage to take the leap. My initial concept for this blog was to go vegan for about 30 days and decide whether or not I wanted to stay vegan, but during the week before I took the plunge, I decided the vegan lifestyle something I want to commit to for life.


I plan on “veganizing” some of my favorite foods and posting the recipes on the blog. Some of it will be simple thanks to vegan substitute foods, but others I will have to be a little more creative with and will have to make from scratch. For example, a lot of vegans that I know are constantly on the quest for the closest possible vegan alternative to macaroni and cheese. Or perhaps I can come up with a recipe for a vegan Twinkie! The possibilities are endless.

Health Benefits

Vegans live on little cholesterol or a completely cholesterol free diet. A vegan diet also lowers the risks for osteoporosis, cancer, and other deadly diseases. Frankly, I typically eat a lot of junk food as an omnivore. Although I will continue to indulge as a vegan, I will aim to eat healthily and share the benefits and changes in my body on my blog.

Animal Rights

Most of the vegans that I know lead a vegan lifestyle because of animal rights. I plan on researching just how veganism impacts the world and potentially saves the lives of animals. This is not just limited to vegan food, but products that are not tested on animals or made with animal byproducts.

I Can’t Believe It’s Vegan!/ I Can’t Believe It’s Not Vegan!

I was surprised to learn that Oreos are, in fact, vegan. I plan on finding out what other foods “seem” non-vegan but are actually free of animal byproducts. I am aware of the opposite as well; foods such as potato chips and candy seem vegan but may contain milk or gelatin, both coming from animals. I will learn to analyze food labels in order to make sure I don’t ingest any animal byproducts disguised under ambiguous names.

Vegan Culture

This is the part of the blog where I’ll be visiting vegan restaurants, interviewing fellow vegans, and generally exploring vegan culture.


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