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This another gallery consisting of unaltered images of various lush natural places in the Bay Area.

Collecting Sounds

Have begun gathering video and audio of the Marin Headlands.

Went over the weekend, around sunset, with a goPro and some audio recording equipment. Got some nice footage of waves, creeks, hillsides etc… will probably need a book of Northern California wildlife/plant-life in order to identify more clearly the sounds and visuals I am gathering.


Have received correspondence from Bernie Krause and Lawrence English for interviews in the future. Now have to begin a list of questions and figure out the best way to communicate; skype, e-mail, phone etc…

Slideshow #2


all pictures by mb


M.Bailey---INFORGRAPHIC-RevisedM.Bailey - INFORGRAPHIC RevisedM.Bailey - INFORGRAPHIC Revised InfoGraphic-2

Wildlife Sound Recording Society

This is a link to the Wildlife Sound Recording Society, an organization that was founded in 1968 and sets out to provide an enormous collection of strictly wildlife recordings. Though one must become a member to explore the full wealth of their collection, they are an important educational organization for the UK.

BBC Sound Archives

This is a link to the British Library of Sound where you can explore collections of sounds expressing many facets of culture; Different styles of Music, vocal accents, oral history, environmental sounds, and even the history of sound recording.

BBC Radio – History of Ludwig Koch, the Original Field Recordist

This is a link to a BBC radio documentary about Ludwig Koch. Ludwig Koch became a Field Recordist for EMI in Germany in the 1920’s and later worked with the BBC during WWII.

From 1936 on, Koch led the pursuit to create the BBC’s Library of Natural Sounds. He was also an influential personality in the UK at the time and fueled an interest in field recording and field recording records.

Bernie Krause TED Talk

This is a link to a TED talk by Bernie Krause in which he discusses how one can begin to understand the characteristics of an environment based on its Soundscape Ecology; Biophony, Geophony & Anthrophony.

Krause also discusses how global pollution has affected his work in Soundscape Ecology. Due to the effects global pollution, such as global warming, he has more difficulty finding the sounds of certain wildlife.




Bernie Kraus – Legendary Bay Area Field Recordist

This is an introduction to the prolific, influential & local Soundscape Ecologist, Bernie Krause. Below is his Wiki page along with his personal website Wild Sanctuary.

I have made contact with Mr. Krause about doing an interview for this documentary.