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Story Elements

What’s the narrative spine of your piece?

The narrative spine of our piece is the transience of nature, recording as preservation and the importance of sound over sight.

What are your main characters? What are your plans for getting footage besides boring talking head shots?

Our main characters are the natural environments we will be exploring. Our human element will most likely be Dr. Krause and possibly field recordists Lawrence English or Jen Boyd, if all else fails.

How is conflict driving your story?

We will create conflict in our story by presenting to our audience nature recordings and revealing how the information within is both easy to understand and take for granted.

What kind of change do you wish to unfold within your piece?

We hope to unfold a change in our audience so that they may have a broader perspective of natural environments.

What’s the inciting incident and point of entry in your story?

The point of entry to our story is the dawn chorus. The inciting incident is the transience of nature and the idea of preserving the history of natural environments through field recordings.

What issues do you foresee having making your piece visually strong?

We hope to gather lots of footage of natural environments.


What’s this film about?

Core Concept

Nature Hums is an audio-visual study in soundscape ecology with a focus on Bay Area biomes. Our ultimate intention is to spark an interest and appreciation for nature through sound.


Nature Hums Trailer


I am hoping to interview Bernie Krause as my primary source. He and his wife requested that I read his book “The Great Animal Orchestra” in order to have a fruitful conversation (also to avoid redundancies).

Hopefully I will be able to meet with him by next Wednesday. It is still up in the air. I may have to reach out to some of my other sources such as Lawrence English.


FullSizeRender (1)

Latest Clip

This is a short clip of Rodeo Lagoon at sunset where I gathered sounds from the weak current flowing into the rocks as well as some recordings of wind through tree branches and bushes.



This another gallery consisting of unaltered images of various lush natural places in the Bay Area.

Collecting Sounds

Have begun gathering video and audio of the Marin Headlands.

Went over the weekend, around sunset, with a goPro and some audio recording equipment. Got some nice footage of waves, creeks, hillsides etc… will probably need a book of Northern California wildlife/plant-life in order to identify more clearly the sounds and visuals I am gathering.


Have received correspondence from Bernie Krause and Lawrence English for interviews in the future. Now have to begin a list of questions and figure out the best way to communicate; skype, e-mail, phone etc…