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Nature Hums Critique Notes

  • Talk about wind
  • Text narrative needs more of a storyline feel
  • Merced River spec. May need sample 2 so that the meadow lark is more available.
  • Sunset at the end
  • Text in After Effects- Line Effects
  • More shots in HMB
  • Use serifs. text.
  • Larger text
  • Possible panning sound w/ video pan
  • PBS- Voiceover
  • Re-approach the color of specs.
  • Animal circles of sound examples.

Nature Hums Critiques

Nature Hums:

Liked different atmospheres, didn’t like the text colors that much.

Noise soothing. Something needed to break up the noise. Keep blue screen .

Amazing cinematography. Need to streamline and make it more accessible.

Camera moves are similar. Continuous movement is nice touch.

Descriptions on screen are good and informative.

Lesser known areas get more attention.

Make sounds sound less similar. Make them sound more diverse.

More fade ins/outs.

Needs more drama/emotional connection

Same-y camera shots

Emotionally Manipulative, presenting one way, yet intending it as something else


Nature Hums Outline


  • Montage
  • Voice over from interviews
  • Introduce Concepts
  • Emphasize the importance of all field studies due to the transience of Natural Environments


  • Multiple locations.
  •            Introduce Locations
  •                   Acoustic Qualities of the Environment
  •                   Wildlife
  •                          How does the environment affect wildlife
  •                           How does each creature occupy different frequencies

Mid Day:



  • Voice over
  • Time-lapse (Sunset)