About Us

Nature Hums is the masterwork of Dawn Chorus Productions, a media conglomerate comprised of Luis Almanza, Michael Bailey, Alex Boyd, and Scott “Scotty” Colombo. We are all drawn tirelessly to the ambience of our planet, and to recording and reproducing the quiet noise of the limitless tiny voices. Dawn Chorus is led by our Grand-Seer and Director Michael Bailey, who knows the most about soundscape ecology as a whole and grants us the supreme vision of our documentary. Luis Almanza, Dawn Chorus’s Executive Analyst and Producer, is the only student outside of the sound department, and is extremely passionate about the natural world and its sonic symbioses. Scotty is our Senior Audiovisual Supervisor, charged with managing the noble duty of cross-interpolating audio and visual data to ensure the Dawn Chorus reputation of consummate quality is constantly upheld. Lastly, but not leastly, Alex Boyd clocks in as our Chief Data Manager, which, as you may already know, may be our most greatly solemn, yet also the most infinitely rewarding post.

We all shot and recorded everything. We all worked in after effects and final cut.

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