Blog Proposal

I’ve chosen the topic of urban agriculture and livestock for my blog. Local and alternative food production is a concept that’s gained a lot of ground in the last couple of decades, and I think it’s going to be increasingly prominent in the years to come. You can find examples of urban agriculture in cities across the country. I’m specifically interested in researching its growth in economically disadvantaged areas like Oakland, Detroit, and New Orleans. I’ll also address the challenges and benefits of urban farming, its effects on communities, discussing some specific examples here in the East Bay and San Francisco, and look to the future of this method of food production.

In my experience, people can tend to be pretty dismissive of this topic. It’s easy to write off urban farmers as tree-hugging latter-day hippies out of touch with the reality of our world. In writing this blog, I’d like to present an objective assessment of the situation. I’d like to answer questions for myself and my readers on the efficacy of these farms, without bias in either direction.

My own experience on the subject is somewhat limited: I’ve done my share of gardening, as well as helping out with a burgeoning community garden up in Seattle. Fortunately, there are plenty of resources available. TheĀ San Francisco Garden Resource Organization is a great website with a directory of local and national farms. Novella Carpenter, an Oakland farmer, has written a popular book calledĀ Farm City, and there have been a number of documentaries produced on the subject. I also plan to contact a few people I know involved in the local scene.

I’m really excited by the notion of urban agriculture, and I think it’ll present a number of engaging topics for discussion on this blog. Stay tuned!

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