A Visit to Ghost Town

Last weekend I visited a farm in Oakland. Weird, right? I know.

I’m reading a book called Farm City, by Novella Carpenter, and happened to check out her website for more information. Turned out she was hosting an open house of sorts at her place, Ghost Town Farm. This seemed like a pretty good opportunity to check out urban ag firsthand, so my boyfriend and I took a trip down to 28th and MLK.

The farm occupies a smallish abandoned lot on the corner of 28th and MLK. There’s a heavily-graffitied fence surrounding it, and the space inside contains tightly packed rows of herbs and veggies. I saw kale, greens, artichokes, and fruit trees. On one side of the property is a goat enclosure, a chicken pen, and an obese rabbit in a cage.

We had home-grown peppermint tea and rabbit pies while socializing with a weird mix of Oakland hipsters, yuppies, and granola people. All told it was a great experience, and we left impressed at all that Ms. Carpenter has been able to squeeze from a tiny corner lot in a rough urban neighborhood.

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