So. These are the three concepts I settled on for the logo design assignment. I was trying to keep it really simple and clean.

For starters, we’ve got a big old “K”, which is my first initial. I like square logos because they can be used just about anywhere, and I thought it’d be fun to make a chunky one that felt kind of tangible. Plus, I’m in GAD, so a little suggestion of 3D doesn’t hurt.

The second one is more abstract: I started playing around with “K” and “Y”, my other initial, and looking at the negative space they formed. I came up with this concept, which is kind of suggestive of a pencil or stylus, but still might have a bit of the letters of my name left in the forms.

This last one is inspired by old wood-block stamps. I had a good time getting the curves of the letters to mirror each other and balancing the weight of the lines and serifs. That’s it!

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