Wonderful news,

As luck would have it I have tracked down a local “zombie expert” and author of Zombie are Us, Christopher Moreman.

Dr. Moreman teaches at the CSU East Bay as an associate professor in philosophy, what better man to interview in question regarding the

metaphors that is Generation Z.


Furthermore I have delved deeper into modern media and have come across a lovely series on the BBC by the name of In The Flesh.

the main story line behind this particular tale is zombies have be returned to the world of the living by way of medication and intense therapy.

Have become “fully” rehabilitated, the now referred to “living impaired” must attempt to re-integrate with the rest of society faced with a new form of racism.

The “living impaired” are required to wear eye contacts and make up to cover up their rotted state. Many of these “people” still retained memories from their time spent as

a gluttons ghoul and feel that they are not ready to face the living world through sheer guilt of their former actions. The company responsible for this “cure” states that the

fact they feel at all shows the ARE ready.


I find this piece of media a wonderful step in a new direction for zombie culture. With recent movies like Warm Bodies and Fido, it gives zombies a new sense of depth to their

character. Thus allowing viewers, readers, or fans, the chance to connect with the zombies on a deeper level and identify just how a zombie can represent us still. The longest

running trend to identify a zombie is to be nothing more than a de-genderized, de-generate, loathing husk of a consumer, with but one intention only and that is to take

everything away from you. But as of late we have given zombies a bit of their humanity back, and now the creature isn’t so much a creature anymore, but rather another

person struggling to accept who and what they are. Much like many youths today still face in their own personal lives.

Wonderful look at social clicks and bullying in school from a Generation Z perspective. The zombie genre has always defined the line between us and “them”, The living and the undead. But the same application is often seen in youth groups and social gatherings where a line is drawn and segregation occurs.

Zombie Generation


The Zombie Research Society is a colorful collective group of experts and visionaries expanding and studying the zombie community.

with members ranging from neurological scientists, to the legend himself George A. Romero.

while at first glance it looks like just another zombie fan page, when visiting the about us page, you will find a large spectrum of experts and researchers with detailed plans and

logistics of how and when a outbreak when or will occur.

So in my midst of contacting Christopher Moreman, (a local zombie expert a philosopher at California State University East Bay). I also decided to find some of his work and one book in particular called Zombies Are Us, a wonderful bit of work and composite group of essays regarding the effects the zombie genre has had on our own culture and the humanity behind the inhumane. Well while cruising around several book stores and amazons website I came across this fancy little ticket by the name of Generation Zombie. I know what i’m ordering