The Street Dance Life




Core Concept

Bay Area Turf Dancers “Street Showing” dancing on BART (Bay Area Rapid Transit) entertaining its passengers with a quick show earning money to make ends meet and provide for their families and staying out of trouble.


Turf Dancers: T7, Noh Justice, Phil Of The Future Kidd Strobe, E Ninja, Chonkie F Tutz, Torch, and Soul are members of the Oakland Dance group The Turf Feinz. They are a few of the Street Dancers who daily dance for money on Bart. We will get a closer look into their lives and why street showing is a part of their daily routine.



Bay Area Rapid Transit, commonly known as BART is where the dancers dance going from train to train to earn money. This is the main area where their money is made.


Street Showing is the grand idea of using their talents to entertain people, polish their dance skills, and earn money at the same time.


Turf Dancers have been street showing since 2007. It started off ┬áright in front of Powell Street Bart Station in San Francisco, CA and migrated to BART trains the year 2014 because the police banned us from the area we were in 2013 due to not having a permit. This upset the Turf Dancing Community because we had been faithful to that area for so long earning money. At that point there wasn’t any way for us street dancers to earn money for about a year until the brilliant idea was formed to dance on BART. The best time to street show is around 6 o’clock shortly after rush hour because there is enough people on Bart to witness the show and more space in the middle of the trains and down the isles to dance.


This documentary is for those who like Turf Dancing and those who would like to get a better understanding of what the street dancer life is like and the hard work they put into earning the money they receive.


I am interested into doing this topic because I street show with these group of individuals every once in a while and understand what they are going thru and am on the same path as them on the road to success being a Turf Dancer. Dancers in general don’t get as much exposure as they could in the industry, so this documentary would give them even more recognition and show you how their life is.


I am interested i this project because its a part of my life and i want the world and my community to see what good things that the Bay Area youth are involved in. My audience should be interested because it would give them history of what the Bay Area dance style is and they can get a closer view of its street dancers, their goals and the good entertainment they bring to our community.


The life of a Turfing Street Dancer is a world that many upcoming dancers and dance fans would love to get a glimpse of. there is more about Turf Dancing than just battling as shown in a previous LMW documentary, “The Turfer Girl Story”. Every street dancer has their own story and reason for why they daily showcase their talents on Bay Area Rapid Transit for money. For some it is a way to keep themselves out of trouble, for others it may be to feed their families and create a better life for themselves while doing what the love. They all dance for diffrent purposes but have the same destination, to make it to the top so the whole world can witness their greatness!!!

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