Project Proposal

Turfing on Trains

Team Dancing Taco Train

  • Sarah Hawkins
  • Paul Crandell
  • Ileana Ruiz
  • Jasmine Haynes

Following the lives of two Bay Area Turf Dancers trying to support their families by dancing in the Bart subway stations and trains.

Intended Audience:
18-50 Basically anyone who is old enough to ride Bart often enough and might have seen Turfers dancing and would like to learn more about them.

Objective of Film:
That Turfers dance on Bart as not just a way to make money but to follow their passion.


  • The sounds of Bart as well as the passengers there
  • The Turfers themselves in Interviews as well as when they are dancing.
  • There will be the music that the Turfers dance to.
  • there is also some sentimental music.
  • The last song will be a song made by one of the Turfers for a video that he made for a friend of is that died.


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