Interview Questions

  1. What other things do you face while dancing on bart?
  2. What is Turfing? and what does it mean to you?
  3. What can you say is your greatest accomplishment while dancing on bart?
  4. How do you use turf dancing to support yourself & your family?
  5. How has turfing on bart benefited you?
  6. How did you discover turfing? and how did you know this style of dance is what you wanted to pursue?
  7. Do you have any other way to support yourself and your family? (beside dancing)
  8. What is your long term goal for turf dancing?
  9. What does your typical day of dancing on bart consist of? (what time do you start & end?)
  10. Does your family support you dancing on bart?
  11. What made you want to dance on bart versus on the street?
  12. Do you have dance routines or is it freestyle?
  13. Are certain bart lines better to dance on than others?