Describing the beginning and ending of film.

The intro shows an average day of Turfing on trains

1) How they introduce themselves to their audience on Bart (and in the case of this film to the people watching it)
2) What it is they do namely “Turfing” (A.K.A taking up room on the floor) by providing a show on Bart through dancing and collecting any donations from the passengers as a way of living.
3) Show that they are able to sustain themselves by showing a little bit of what they earned from 3 hours of dancing.

The ending helps to revisit the Turfers showing what they do every day following their passion of dancing which is also their way of staying alive (literally as this is how they make their money to feed and cloth themselves).

Turfing on Trains Feedback

The music was on point.
Placeholders worked to show what we need and didn’t distract people from the story.
Music choices were appropriate.

See more of an emphasis on the “family” aspect.
Explain why and how they got into “Turfing”.
Introduce the characters.
Work on the transition from color to black and white.
Work on Jasmine’s part since it seems “out of place” consider to either flesh out her part to make her apart of the story or just take her out if it doesn’t work.

Others Points to Think About
Music leads people to emotional place.
Consider the angle of seeing how the family is struggling to make a living.
Consider showing the difference between “street thugs” panhandling and artist dancing for a passion.