Core Concepts

  • The narrative spine of our piece is the struggle of making enough to make ends meet by dancing on Bart.
  • No Justice, T7, and Jasmine Haynes are the subjects and wWe plan on getting shots of the interviewees performing on bart as well as other actions shots of them while we interview them.
  • Trying to make a living by following their dreams, reality crashing in on them as bills and responsibilities weigh on them while they try to make a living doing what they love.
  • Respect for what they do. An understanding of what they have to go through to achieve what they want.
  • Waiting at the station watching the Bart train come in then proceed to one of them dancing with a voice over of why they dance.
  • The shaky camera on bart to show it is in motion as well as the family of the dancers that they are trying to support.