Core Concepts

  • The narrative spine of our piece is the struggle of making enough to make ends meet by dancing on Bart.
  • No Justice, T7, and Jasmine Haynes are the subjects and wWe plan on getting shots of the interviewees performing on bart as well as other actions shots of them while we interview them.
  • Trying to make a living by following their dreams, reality crashing in on them as bills and responsibilities weigh on them while they try to make a living doing what they love.
  • Respect for what they do. An understanding of what they have to go through to achieve what they want.
  • Waiting at the station watching the Bart train come in then proceed to one of them dancing with a voice over of why they dance.
  • The shaky camera on bart to show it is in motion as well as the family of the dancers that they are trying to support.

Story Development



Turfers on Trains.


Paul Crandel, Sarah Hawkins, Jasmine Haynes, Ileana Ruiz.


Following the lives of Turf dancers NoJustice, T7 and Turfer Girl, showing how they follow their passion of dance to make ends meet.


Seventeen-Mid Twenty somethings and dancers.


A couple sentences answering the question, what do you want your audience to take away from your documentary?


Train sounds, Bart, Train station ambiance, Rap, Hip Hop.





Interview Questions

  1. What other things do you face while dancing on bart?
  2. What is Turfing? and what does it mean to you?
  3. What can you say is your greatest accomplishment while dancing on bart?
  4. How do you use turf dancing to support yourself & your family?
  5. How has turfing on bart benefited you?
  6. How did you discover turfing? and how did you know this style of dance is what you wanted to pursue?
  7. Do you have any other way to support yourself and your family? (beside dancing)
  8. What is your long term goal for turf dancing?
  9. What does your typical day of dancing on bart consist of? (what time do you start & end?)
  10. Does your family support you dancing on bart?
  11. What made you want to dance on bart versus on the street?
  12. Do you have dance routines or is it freestyle?
  13. Are certain bart lines better to dance on than others?

Formation of Team Dancing Taco Train

Team Names:

Dancing Taco Train


Film Names:

Turfing on Trains


What the Film is about:

Two Bay Area Turf Dancers by the names of Noh Justice and T7 dancing on Bay Area Rapid Transit to earn money to provide a better life for themselves and their families while chasing their dreams becoming known world wide using their gift of dance.


What approach will we take on making the film:

  • Voice overs of interviewees with film of them performing turfing.
  • Interview Jasmine (This is what she does)
  • Asking audience what they thought of the performance


What obligatories do we have on our list:

  • Shots of Bart
  • Shots of “turfing”
  • Shots Dancers/Dancer families