My Studio Over the Years

Unfortunately I don’t have access here at school to a picture of the so called “real” beginning of this project, but I know I do have a picture somewhere and I’ll update this post to add it when I find it.

Edit: I found it, this is where it all started.


With that note aside, I think this is a really cool look into the way these hobby studios grow over time, and I’m really happy that I’ve been taking pictures every time I got a new piece of gear. At first it was literally using decent mic placement on a phone set to voice record in a room with a guitar amp. Things have grown from there into a pretty reasonable project studio that I’m both very fond of, and rather proud of as well. You can see in this first picture that I have available I didn’t have stands for my speakers yet, but was already somewhat equipped in that I at least had a mic and a method of getting it to the computer.322312_162311840550011_1160365500_o

After a little while like that I caved and bought some speaker stands and a better table, but I was still only running a mic to interface to computer to speakers signal chain. I had minimal software, and when I needed to play a software instrument, e.g. drums, I used a qwerty keyboard; which was actually quite amusing to watch I might add.



Eventually my computer’s keyboard was no longer good enough for what I wanted to do, and I caved and bought an inexpensive midi keyboard. I had actually been wanting one for a really long time, and I was pretty excited to find this one because I was on a budget, and it was functional for a small amount of money.


I moved and bought a new desk, which really tidied things up.


One thing that always irked me was not having a tactile method of mixing, using a mouse just didn’t seem accurate and you can only adjust one thing at a time. This is where I hit a big problem: mixers are expensive, very expensive. Midi control mixers like the one in the picture below are normally cheaper than comparable analog, which was fine with me because I was used to digital mixing anyway, but they still range well into the thousands. I got really lucky and found this guy used at a shop somewhere in Tennessee that was willing to ship to me for an obscenely low price. Since I was expecting to pay more than I ended up needing, I splurged on a few mics as well at that point, but I don’t have pictures and they aren’t really critical. I was up to four.



Things have gotten a little more cramped with the addition of another monitor, an eight channel interface that I aggregate with my old two channel, and a performance controller that further expands the abilities of my software, as well as some very handy software acquisitions. Please excuse the mess, but this is my so called “control room” as it stands today.

…And I still don’t have a place to put that pesky keyboard.