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The topic that I have chosen for my site has to do with project recording studios and their many manifestations and uses. This material can be further broken down into the history of recording equipment, which has allowed these hobbyists to build inexpensive and often high quality studios in their homes, the wide range of gear available to the public and some specialties, and finally people’s personal reasons for building these studios and how they came to be, which often starts with no more than a microphone or a cell phone and can lead to thousands of dollars worth of amazing gear that no one knows quite like its owner.

These studios and the people who own them are everywhere, especially in an environment like Ex’pression, and every single one of those has a unique story behind it. My studio started with a well-placed cell phone and a guitar amplifier and has grown over a period of years into something that can produce professional quality recordings. I know the story behind mine and it’s filled with quirky and interesting little stories; what I want to talk about are those same little pieces of personality that exist in all of those studios. Some people charge for use of their gear, some people won’t let anyone else touch it. Everyone loves their setup in their own special way. I want to capture that the way we use our gear to capture sound. I think that those stories would be really inspiring to share.

As far as how I’m going to go about this, I know a myriad of people who I can interview, and I’m sure many of them would let me watch them work, take pictures, and hopefully even use some of their audio. I think that recording interviews with a few different people would be ideal, and, obviously barring a lack of permission, I would use audio from the interviewee as bgm for their segment.

One thought on “About the Project

  1. This site is awesome. Great organization, too!

    It would be really cool to put up a post of the basics of setting up a home studio for people like me who don’t know where to start. Like exactly what hardware and software you need as a bare minimum to get going.

    Aside from that everything you’ve got up is great, and put together with a really nice design.

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