Proposal Project

Project Proposal

Project Title: WoMee’s Project


  • Jerry Smith (Producer)
  • Nhi Tran
  • Jessica Bundang
  • Sarah Crawford

Overview: Nhi Tran is originally from Vietnam. When she came to California she decided that she wanted a cat. So she did the research of adopting a pet in California.

Intended Audience: Ages 12 and up

Objective of film: The concept of this film is to raise awareness of pet adoption and what goes into adopting a pet and also shining a light on the good and bad of adopting a pet.

Soundtrack: Happy, upbeat

Style: Narrative, Informative, and Journalistic


Intro- Nhi Tran is coming from Vietnam. She never knew about a pet shelter or adopting a pet. Living here alone she wanted to have a cat. Nhi searched the local pet stores but they turned out expensive and the places where too far. She searched the internet to find a way to buy a good cat. Through her research she started to learn about the animal shelter and adopting a pet.

Adopting a pet a SF SPCA she realized it is cheaper, the have good coverage for adopting a pet. Nhi went by the shelter and she was really impressed with the staff and volunteers. She then decided she wanted to be a volunteer. She attended the orientation to become a volunteer.

Nhi later found out about puppy mill and an over populated issue. She interviewed staff at the animal shelter to get a better understanding of the puppy mills and the current issues conflicting with the animal shelters. She then adopted a pet of her own. She chose a cat and named him Jazzhands.

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