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This is WoMee team, and we have three members.



I am Nhi.

I love the color blue.

I love hugging shark.

I love eating okra.

I came to Ex’pression College because I followed my heart’s passion.

My Quote is:

My Quote

(from a Fortune Cookie)

I draw because I like it, and it helps me creating my own world.

In ten years from now, I hope I could complete my dream, which are becoming an animator and hugging a shark.


Hey stalkers!


My name is Jessica Bundang.

I am a filipino, born and raised in Vallejo. philippines-flag-300x150

I love watching anime, play video games, and to cook. 335px-Conan_Edogawa_svg 20091004200023Kingdom_Hearts_logo

I came to Ex’pression to study Animation.

Whenever I watch a show, film, or look at other people’s drawings, my MIND explodes with all these crazy ideas.

10 years from now, I do not care what I do as long as it’s something dealing with             animation. However, I would love to work with the animation studio, P.A. Works.150px-P.A._Works_logo_(square).svg

My BIGGEST influences are my friends.

I create lots of things, mouth watering foods, drawings, graphic designs, anime music videos (AMVS), and short animations.images



Name is Sarah J. Crawford. What brought me to Ex’pression is my strong passion of music and an even stronger passion of learning. I am creatively driven by the circumstances of my life. Through different medias of art I express the inside creator. In about ten years from now I would like see myself fully immersed in the sound engineering business, while slowly building an empire. My biggest influences can be contributed to the many different people that have passed through my life and left an impression.
What I create is based on how my heart feels. It can be a piece of writing, an art piece, or a snippet of music.

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