Interview Questions w/ Justin Kurup

We have an interview with Just Kurup, the human education of EBSPCA.

Here are the interview questions:

1.) Tell me about you: your name, your job, how long have you worked there?

2.) How did you get involved with East Bay SPCA?

3.) Why do you think adopting pet is a great thing to do?

4.) Why are rescue homeless animals a concern for a whole community?

5.) Do you know about Puppy Mills issues?*

6.) Can you talk about Overpopulation of homeless animals?* Ex: Cat

7.) Why are all of the issues above an urgent issue?*

8.) How do you think that Shelters could help to stop the cycle of Puppy Mills?

9.) How can other people get involved with helping pets at shelters?

Note: * means the most important questions.

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